Uncle Sam's Utah

Our Products

We have a huge selection of products from brands that you trust. More than that, many of our brands are used by professional organizations like the U.S. Military.

Below is a quick list of supplies we carry, but make sure you come into our store for a better appraisal of our ever evolving stock. Our trade in program means there will be new items every time you stop by.

Here are some of our suppliers, feel free to browse their inventory and place orders through us!








Our inventory includes:


  • Tents
  • Parachute Rentals for weddings/parties. Make any room magical! All white, 25’+ diameter, 68′¬†circumference
  • Bleeding targets! See picture below
  • paracord & buckles (click here for a list of things to make with paracord!)
  • foam sheets, pads, etc. (custom order, any size, call for quote)
  • rope & nets
  • gas masks & filters
  • binoculars & goggles
  • flashlights & nightsights
  • raingear
  • MRE’s/ food & water
  • shovels & axes
  • military & survival books
  • canteens & mess kits
  • duffle bags & packs
  • zippo lighters
  • shoulder bags & pouches
  • hats & gloves
  • first aid kits
  • military sweats
  • camo clothes (adults & kids/babies) all four seasons year round
  • flags, pins, patches
  • thermal wear
  • military boots & socks
  • mosquito netting
  • bandanas & headwraps
  • ghillie suits & kits
  • martial art & swords
  • wool blankets & tarps
  • blowguns & knives
  • machetes
  • face paint & masks
  • spray paint
  • vintage and international surplus

We also do special orders! See store for details.